Best Lotusblume Tattoos You Need To See

In this post we’ve collected some of the best lotusblume tattoo ideas, which we’ve found on the web and in books to help you find a tattoo that you’ll love.

Some people may assume that a lotusblume tattoo design is difficult to design, since it is largely defined by its design, with only the color and flowers to choose from. However, a lotusblume tattoo design isn’t as narrow as you may first think, as there are plenty of ways to make it your own. Some of the most popular lotusblume tattoo designs are the lotus flower, lotus leaves, lotus buds and lotus petals.

The lotus flower is a beautiful symbol of purity and the female physical form. It’s also an emblem that has shown up more and more in tattoos over the last few years. Why? Because the lotus symbolizes a return to the physical basics of nature and the natural cycle of life. The lotus blossom rises from the muddy waters of the pond it resides in, only to submerge itself in the waters of another pond. It is a beautiful metaphor for life — the struggle to live, then retreat back to the safety of the womb.