37 Poseidon God Tattoo Ideas

Are you a fan of Greek and Roman mythology? Do you have a favorite god that you want to immortalize on your body? Poseidon, god of the sea and the personification of the ocean, is one of the most prestigious deities to have a tattoo of. The ancient Greeks and Romans had a fondness for the sea and even named a mythological character after it. The sea god had many different meanings, but one of the more common was the personification of the ocean and all of its creatures.

For some people, a tattoo is a way of expressing themselves, or just the way they are. For others, a tattoo is a way of looking tough and adventurous. For most people, a tattoo is something that they have in common with their friends, and it’s not uncommon for them to do a little research before deciding on a design. But do you know that the design you choose can play a great role on how happy you’ll be with your tattoo? Here is a list of 37 Poseidon God Tattoo ideas that you must consider before buying your perfect tattoo.

Remember that Poseidon is God of the sea and also a god of the underworld.