36 Sailor Moon Tattoo Designs

Sailor Moon tattoos have long been a popular choice for fans of the animated series, the best known of which is Sailor Moon’s face, which is essentially a large Moon with stars floating above it. A realistic version of this tattoo is the face of the Moon with the crescent and stars below, and is usually called the Moon and Stars, or the Sailor Moon face.

One of the most popular trends today in the world of fashion is tattoo art. Whether it’s Japanese anime characters, flowers, lotuses, or black and white photos. The way tattoos are applied is also changing. There are many tattoo artists today who specialize in the art of traditional Japanese tattooing. These artists use traditional Japanese tools, such as bamboo needles, to create the designs.

It is one of the most famous anime series of all time, with a huge following on Tumblr. I am sure you all have seen the beautiful Sailor Moon tattoos that have been trending for the last few months. These are some of my favorite Sailor Moon tattoo designs.