32 Anubis Tattoo Design Ideas

The anubis tattoo is symbolic of protection, strength, and good luck. It is the last of the 13 ancient Egyptian gods, and is often seen as the guardian of the dead. Anubis’s name means “god of the necropolis”, which is where the dead were interned or simply buried.

Your ark is your tattoo, so why not give it a meaning? Symbolism is key to any tattoo, but if you want more than just the typical thug, or skull, or heart, or three-leaf clover, you can look to more obscure sources. Sometimes, the ark is the ark, the mountain, or the motorcycle. All of these are standard tattoo symbols, recognized by the more traditional tattoo community, but they’re more than just symbols, they’re also figures. Anubis, meaning “god of the dead” or “god of the tomb” is the most recognizable of these ark figures, but if you want to be more creative, why not make your ark stand for something more?

There are lots of black and grey tattoos with anubis tattoo meaning. The most popular anubis tattoo design is an anubis with the head of a jackal with the body of a man. The anubis symbolizes the god of the dead, the ruler of the underworld, the god of embalming, protector of the dead and the god of the scribes. The anubis is also known as the god of the underworld, son of the god Osiris and the goddess Isis. Anubis is the ancient Egyptian god of the afterlife and of nature. He had a distinctive head of canine features and was the god of the underworld. His name means “the good god” and he was often depicted as a dog or a jackal.