27 Tree Of Life Tattoo Design Ideas You Need To See

A tree of life tattoo is a tattoo that uses the branches of a tree, in the form of an arc, to represent the path of our lives. The tree can be abstract, or it can be based on a real tree and include leaves and branches. The tree can also be a mathematical symbol or a symbol of the universe. It can also be anything else.

An interesting tattoo design idea is the tree of life. This is meant to represent the connection between humanity and the Universe. There are different versions of this tattoo design, some of them include the sun, moon, and stars which are the three celestial bodies that most people associate with life in the Universe. The sun is the center point of our solar system, the moon is the two faces of an ever-rotating Earth, and the stars are the multi-faceted universe that contains all the light and energy in the Universe.

Remember that the tree of life is one of the most ancient symbols, used by pagans, Christians, Buddhists and more. In ancient cultures it was seen as a symbol of life, fertility, regeneration and immortality.