26 Evil Eye Tattoo Designs

Ever heard of the evil eye? Well it is an ancient belief that the evil eye can be averted by covering the eyeball with a special amulet, which is called the evil eye amulet. If you are not having good luck, and have the evil eye on you, you should cover your eyes with a special protective amulet to ward off the evil eye. This is known as the evil eye meaning. The evil eye meaning is a simple and safe way to protect yourself from bad luck.

The meaning of the greek evil eye tattoo is not completely clear, however it is believed that people believe that a tattoo of the eyes of the greek god will protect them from bad luck. The eyes of the god are said to be able to protect the wearer from the gaze of evil, and also to help them to gain power and luck.

Evil eye tattoo has been around for a few thousand years, and it is believed that it originated from the ancient Greeks. They would draw it on their forehead, as a way to protect themselves from the evil. The evil eye is believed to be a type of magic that the Greeks would attract to the person with this tattoo. The magic that the evil eye brings is the bad luck that is believed to be caused by the person who has the evil eye, who will have all the bad luck in the world all over his or her body due to the evil eye magic.