24 Cute Grim Reaper Tattoo Ideas

Grim reapers have been featured in many different cultures throughout history. The first known grim reaper is said to be the King Lenes III, who ruled in China in the year 537 B.C. (1900 years ago)

There is also a very famous grim reaper that is seen wandering around the mausoleum of Napoleon Bonaparte. He is named the ‘Mortician’ and his job is to come and collect the souls of people who are no longer with us.

The Grim Reaper, as he is often depicted in art and other media, is a popular tattoo design. He’s supposed to be a “memento mori”, reminding us of our mortality, which helps us make peace with the inevitable—death. Or, as tattoo artist and writer Tony Tran puts it, he is the “sad reminder of death in life”.

I often get asked what tattoos I would get. And the question is usually followed by, “but I’m not old enough”, which is a valid point. But, I assume that many of you would get a tattoo if you find something you really want, so here’s a list of cute grim reaper tattoo design ideas you might like.