23 Hakuna Matata Tattoo Design Ideas

Hakuna matata is the Swahili phrase for “no worries”, and is frequently used with children as a way of keeping them calm. The design is also frequently used with animals, especially the African elephant, with the meaning of “do not fear or worry”. The tattoo often symbolises the fact that no matter what the situation, the elephant will always be “a big, happy elephant” with no worries.

This tattoo idea is inspired by the Disney movie, The Lion King. The meaning of the lion’s face (also known as the Hakuna Matata) is inspiring and peaceful.

The Lion King (and this is one of my favorite Disney movies) is  a tale of two brothers, Mufasa and Simba. Simba had the royal blood of the kings of the Pride Lands, which is why he had so much respect being the future king of the lion kingdom. However, he had an older brother who was the king of the territory, Mufasa. Mufasa was not always the king of this territory, but he had made it his home. However, the land had been taken from him for centuries by Scar, who was being led by his own selfish desires.

Tattoos are a somewhat dangerous thing. You’ll get hurt, you’ll get the attention of the authorities, and you’ll lose people. And while the last two are perfectly acceptable, the first one can be disastrous. So, just to be safe, it’s best to be aware of the meaning behind the tattoo to ensure that it won’t ruin your life. While some are just there to serve as a reminder of a special event or person, others are so complex that they actually have meaning behind them.