22 Supernatural Tattoo Design Ideas

There are many different types of tattoos, and while most of them are meant to signify something personal, there are also some that are meant to express something more. One example is the supernatural anti possession tattoo. This tattoo contains negative connotations, and is believed to repel the spirits or demons that cause possession.

The “supernatural” anti possession tattoo represents ‘the fear of possession’ and falls under the sign of Scorpio. An anti possession tattoo design may be inked around the wrist, ankle, shoulder or upper arm and is described as the ‘guard of spiritual powers.’ The anti possession tattoo is typically depicted in ghosts or demons and is often referred to as ‘supernatural anti possession tattoo’ or ‘supernatural tattoo’. The anti possession tattoo design is typically completed in a dark blue or black shade and may also be done in black and white.

Supernatural tattoos represent some of life’s biggest questions; the tattoo carries powerful religious and philosophical messages while also being tied to spiritual beliefs. The tattoo style originated with Celtic, Viking, and Native American peoples, so it is no surprise that the tattoo meanings are steeped in their cultural traditions. Many believe tattoos carry spiritual meaning, which is what makes them so meaningful.

Tattoos have long been a source of fascination and controversy. While some see them as personal statements, others consider them a way to permanently mark the body. Tattoos carry with them a long history that goes back a few thousand years to ancient India. But tattoos didn’t become a mainstream phenomenon until the 19th century, when tattooing became popular among the sailors and laborers of East London. Though tattoos have become more common over the years, they are still viewed as a taboo, particularly among some religious communities.