20 Joker Tattoo Ideas You Might Like

The Joker has been portrayed in myriad ways on tats over the last few decades. He’s been the avant-garde, he’s been a tragic clown, he’s been more menacing, and he’s been soothing. The Joker has also been used to symbolize things like anarchy, tragedy, and the cosmic joke that is time. And yet, he’s never been a tattoo design. Until now.

Got a sick new tattoo in mind? Whether you’re thinking of a small or large piece, or you want to paint a matching piece on your boob or your leg, you’re going to probably need a good sketch first. These free tattoo sketches will help you understand what the tattoo is supposed to look like, so you know what colors, lines and shapes to use to make your final design.

I am a huge fan of tattoos, and I always thought “cool” tattoos should have a special meaning behind them. I think that tattoos should be meaningful, and I had a few tattoo ideas for a tattoo I would like to have, but I never got around to getting one. Recently, I realized that I was getting old, and I started thinking about getting a tattoo that would inspire me, and remind me of what I really like in a tattoo. If you are thinking about getting a tattoo, be sure that the tattoo that you want would have a meaning behind it.