19 Flamingo Tattoos

Flamingo tattoos are one of the most extravagant of all tattoos that people can do on their body. It can be of inspiration, remembrance, and statement. You can put on it not just your own name or initials, but your partner’s name, your mom, dad, kids or whatever. Flamingos are absolutely the most versatile and passionate animal in the world. You can put on your body this tattoo any place you want.

You can have your own private spot and sing all your favorite love song there. If you have a family, you can put this tattoo in your daughter or son’s name and it will always remind your daughter or son that you love them.

One great idea is to go into your flamingo tattoo ideas with nature, and use leaves, feathers, wings and wild flowers. You can put a leaf in the middle of the wing and feathers all over. Try to decorate the tattoo to the fullest so it looks the prettiest. Do not put too much of details in the tattoo design. Make it the best and prettiest.