15 Lorenzo Insigne 24 Tattoos

Lorenzo Insigne is a player of the Italian Serie A football club Napoli, which is coming up to face the last round of the 2020-21 Italian Serie A Football League. During the game, a tattoo design was placed on him, which read  “I am the best”.

When you look at a tattoo, what do you picture? A symbol of your own individuality, perhaps a work of art, or a personal statement. Whatever it is, it is likely to have meaning for the person who got it, and that meaning will change over time.

Lorenzo Insigne became a worldwide internet sensation after a tattoo artist in Rome showed off his new ink, a star and a mermaid, on Instagram, but it took some work. The star is visible on the footballer’s right shoulder, where Insigne has a tattoo of the Italian flag. Insigne likes to wear a bandana, so the tattoo artist, who has worked with the player on several occasions, decided to get the tattoo in the same shape.